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General Permissions

Power-Specific Permissions
Dandy has the power to take control of others by manipulating their blood. Full description:

Dandy loves puppet shows, but he's always preferred human puppets to wooden ones, and now he can have them! He can control someone's movements by controlling their blood. He can't control anything that doesn't have blood, and the control is purely physical (meaning, he can't see through their eyes, read thoughts, or make them use non-physical powers like telepathy). This will require quite a bit of concentration, thus he can control a maximum or two people at one time and may lose control if startled or harmed. This ability will only work within around 50 feet, and he must be able to see the person in question.

This ability will not be used without plotting it in advance, as I don't expect anyone to give unconditional permission for Dandy to physically control their character (though I'm down for playing out a long, involved plot if you want). This is more to gauge who'd be interested in playing with this power vs not interested at all. Also, if your character doesn't have blood (either because they're a ghost or a robot or whatever), this power won't affect them at all no matter how hard he tries.

Dandy also has a second power that involves getting strength and stamina boosts when he comes into physical contact with blood. So, at some point he'll likely be trying to win people over so they'll donate to him. Think of it like vampirism except instead of drinking the blood he rubs it all over himself like a weirdo.