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NAME: Cass
AGE: 27
IM / EMAIL: velocett#7191 @ Discord
PLURK: [ profile] dandymott


SERIES: American Horror Story: Freak Show
CHRONOLOGY: Episode 13, after the massacre at the freak show.
CLASS: Villain (of the mass murdering variety)
HOUSING: Random housing in any city is fine!

Freak Show takes place in 1952, in the small town of Jupiter, Florida. This is a mostly real-world setting shared with the other seasons of American Horror Story (although this is the only season that takes place in the 1950s). There are a few differences from our world - namely, that supernatural beings such as vampires, ghosts, and witches exist. Dandy, however, does not encounter any of these beings and is still oblivious to their existence, so they have no impact on him. Compared to other seasons of American Horror Story, Freak Show is very light on supernatural elements in general. The only supernatural character is Edward Mordrake, a ghost with a demonic face growing out of the back of his head who appears when a freak show performs on Halloween night to take a sacrifice back to the afterlife with him. Dandy does not encounter him.

The bulk of Dandy's story takes place after a traveling freak show arrives in Jupiter. Dandy is the owner of a mansion not too far from the freak show, and is the heir to a massive frozen food fortune that is, in his own words, big enough to buy a small country. In order to secure that fortune, however, his mother had to marry her second cousin after the stock market crash of 1929. Dandy's father was already known to be mentally unstable (and was hinted to have killed some young girls and drifters), an affliction that Dandy inherited. When Dandy was very young his father hung himself from a tree, leaving Dandy alone with his mother for most of his life. Being his mother's only child, and also the last remaining heir to the Mott fortune, he lived a very pampered life, but also a life of seclusion where he only had his mother and the family servants for company.

Even as a child, Dandy was violent. When his mother complained about a neighbor's cat in her garden, Dandy killed it and presented its corpse to her, expecting praise. He finally managed to make a friend - a gardener's son - only for that boy to disappear without a trace soon after, likely murdered by Dandy. Aside from that incident, his violent tendencies were limited mostly to destructive tantrums and harming small animals. His true dream was to become a famous actor, but because his mother wouldn't allow him to pursue an acting career (considering it a profession for common folk beneath their standing), he saw violence as his only means of expressing himself.

He saw one of the freak show's earlier performances (and bought out every seat in the house to do so), and was immediately enamored with them. He tried to run away and join the show afterwards, feeling like it was where he truly belonged, but due to his normal appearance he was rejected. Angered, he returned home only to find that his mother had bought him a present: a clown to entertain him. The clown turned out to be a wanted serial killer, which fascinated Dandy (who happened to find a severed head in the clown's bag of toys). The clown was killed soon after and, feeling inspired, Dandy decided to take up the mantle and killed his maid as well as a man he seduced at a bar.

Briefly after, he had a love affair with the conjoined twins from the freak show, Bette and Dot. Bette and Dot were sold to him by the show-runner, Elsa Mars, after she decided that they were stealing too much of the spotlight. Bette seemed to love him, but Dot didn't and wanted to leave. Dandy found Dot's diary in which she insulted him and admitted to using him for his money, which enraged Dandy and strengthened his resolve to be a murderer. He went on to kill his own mother and six women at a Tupperware party (framing Jimmy Darling, the person who refused to let him join the freak show) before eventually coming into possession of the freak show himself. He lashed out at the freaks after his song and dance show didn't sell any tickets (after only half an hour, at that) which caused them to quit. Angered, Dandy went on a killing spree. He murdered most of the freaks, save for the ones he couldn't find and the twins, who he took back to his mansion.

He later married Bette, but the wedding was revealed to be a ruse when the maid and butler Bette and Dot hired were actually two of the remaining freaks. They drugged Dandy's wine and dragged him back to the freak show, where they murdered him by drowning him in a Houdini escape tank.

Dandy is a spoiled brat. He grew up getting whatever he wanted and always being told how special he was. As such, he grew to think of himself as above other people and entitled to everything he wanted, including the lives of others. He genuinely believes that most of society's rules (including laws) do not or should not apply to him (because they're 'for the poor people', as he would say), and he has no problem using bribery or throwing a fit to get his way. He paid a police officer one million dollars cash to murder someone for him, and he spent most of his life crying on command so his mother would give him whatever he wanted.

He became a complete megalomaniac after he started killing others. He sincerely believed that he was a god, that he could absorb the power of others by bathing in their blood, that he was sent to bring death to the world, and (up until he died, at least) even that he was immortal. His sense of confidence was very over-inflated by those beliefs and he behaved in a very reckless manner sometimes, such as when he murdered almost everyone at the freak show and just expected to get away with it. He loves himself to a narcissistic extent, admiring himself in the mirror and bragging about how incredible he is quite often.

He is very emotionally immature due to being both ridiculously spoiled and emotionally neglected at the same time. His mother never really emotionally connected with him as she was unsure of how to care for him properly, preferring to send a governess in instead, and he was never disciplined. As he grew older, his tantrums grew threatening enough that she was afraid to discipline him. He has a hair-trigger temper that goes off every time the slightest thing goes wrong, like when he almost destroyed the entire dining room because his Halloween costume wasn't to his liking, and proved at a very young age that he was willing to inflict violence on both people and animals.

He also has a complete and utter inability to take responsibility for his own actions. If anything goes wrong, he blames anyone he can except for himself, and any time he ends up being punished he cries that it isn't fair because he didn't actually do anything wrong (even though he most definitely did). Even as he was about to die for his actions, he pleaded for release with the people whose friends he murdered because, in his own words, he was put on this earth to bring death and shouldn't be punished for it. Despite being very prideful, he's willing to cry and throw a tantrum like a child if he thinks it'll make him get his own way. In fact, he often resorts to tears before violence, especially with his mother.

While Dandy can have feelings for others (and even claims to love them in the case of Bette and Dot), he lacks true empathy and even his love and kindness have selfish motives. He treats the people he likes as possessions, not human beings, as evidenced by the fact that when he fell in love with Bette and Dot he offered to purchase them. Along with his emotional immaturity, he is also very sensitive. While he may put up a cold front his feelings are very easily hurt. The slightest of insults can reduce him to tears if they manage to strike a nerve. His ego is massive, but frail; he isn't used to failure so his confidence comes crashing down catastrophically on the occasion that things don't go how he wants them to.

Despite being emotionally childlike, Dandy is actually very intelligent. Although he can be reckless and impulsive sometimes, he is capable of manipulating others and planning quite far ahead. Almost everyone who has tried to take him down or insulted him in any way has ended up either dead or in a much worse place than they were before, and thus he's never really gotten in trouble for anything he's done up until the point of his death. He always tends to be a few steps ahead of everyone else, even if his decisions seem poor at the time. For example, when he confessed his murders to Regina and let her go, she came back with a detective only for Dandy to bribe the detective onto his side, causing him to get away with several murders and frame someone else for them. Due to his often childlike behavior, others tend to underestimate the threat he poses and dismiss him as just a rich brat until he shows his true colors, which he takes advantage of in order to get the upper hand. When he has control of a situation, he is very cold and calculating and can kill without showing any emotion over it, treating it more like a game than a serious loss of life.

Dandy isn't oblivious to the feelings of others - he just doesn't care about them most of the time. He thinks of himself as an actor first and foremost, and has worked hard to gain an understanding of emotion and how to best present himself to others. His behavior depends a great deal on the audience he's playing to: with his mother and servant types he's just a childish brat, with people he dislikes or wants to hurt for whatever reason he's a cold-hearted killer, and he is actually able to pull off the charming gentleman role when it suits his interests. Although the facade may slip if things start going poorly for him, he can be quite the Prince Charming when he wants. He'll be classy, refined, and even kind and generous if that's what the situation calls for. He is completely capable of behaving himself and not murdering long as he's otherwise getting his way. He's willing to charm others to murder them as well, as seen when he used impeccable manners (and excessive flattery) to get himself invited into the home of a woman he later murdered.

Boredom is a strong motivator for Dandy. He is very easily bored, and demands constant entertainment. Boredom makes him moody and irritable, so he is always seeking out something fun to do. His pursuit of excitement tends to manifest itself in either very youthful or very destructive ways; he still enjoys board games, toys, and cartoons alongside his more violent interests. Dandy says that he wishes he could treat people like puppets who would have to do whatever he wants, so he's more than willing to force others to entertain him if he can.

Another factor that drives him is that even though he doesn't really care about others, he still longs to be understood, accepted, and adored by the general public. He wanted to be an actor so that he could express himself, and turned to murder as the next best option when his mother wouldn't let him. Afterwards, he still tried to put on his song and dance routine after purchasing the freak show, desperately wanting others to see him perform despite claiming that he had found his "true purpose" in bringing death to others. He thinks of himself as a freak on the inside, and feels a sort of kinship with the people at the freak show on the grounds that no one truly understands him, either.

Puppet Master (Non-Canon): Dandy loves puppet shows, but he's always preferred human puppets to wooden ones, and now he can have them! He can control someone's movements by controlling their blood. He can't control anything that doesn't have blood, and the control is purely physical (meaning, he can't see through their eyes, read thoughts, or make them use non-physical powers like telepathy). This will require quite a bit of concentration, thus he can control a maximum or two people at one time and may lose control if startled or harmed. This ability will only work within around 50 feet, and he must be able to see the person in question.

Blood Absorption (Non-Canon): Coming into physical contact with blood will give Dandy a temporary (24 hour) boost in strength and stamina. During this period he will be strong enough to lift a car and will not grow tired from physical activity (although he'll still have to sleep eventually). It will also heal non-fatal wounds (although he'd need higher quantities of blood for more severe wounds). He cannot use his own blood to gain either of these effects, and it must be direct blood-to-skin contact, not just blood on his clothes. He will absorb the blood a few minutes after coming into contact with it, so he doesn't need to wash it off (or walk around covered in blood looking suspicious).

Costume Party (Non-Canon): Dandy will be able to instantly change his clothes into a costume if he so desires. This would be the sort of costume suitable for Halloween or a stage play, so if he wanted a suit of armor it would end up being non-functional plastic replica armor with a fake sword, not a real suit of armor with a real sword.